Deluxe Leggings – MW

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Made of 100% merino wool. Super soft, squishy and cozy.

Deluxe (DX) leggings are double layered throughout- upper wet-zone area & lower/leg portion.


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Deluxe (DX) leggings are double layered throughout (upper wet-zone area & lower/leg portion)


Hand wash in warm/tepid water.

For variants designated “MW” you can safely machine-wash on wool cycle (see variant notes below).

Use gentle wool-safe detergent. No bleach or whiteners. Wash with similar colors. Proceed to lanolizing or lay flat to air dry.

If hand washing; remove excess water by pressing in a towel 1-2 times or run a spin cycle (spin only) in washing machine (spin cycle significantly reduces drying time). Lay flat to air dry.

Lanolize as desired to increase moisture & odor control.


Inseams of these variants to give an idea of how their sizing runs:

Delta: S, 8.75″, M 12″, L 13.75″, XL 16″

PRISM: S 8.5″, M 12″, L 14″, XL 16.5″

Bayside: S 8.75″, M 11.5″, L 14″, 16.75″

PRISM and Bayside are slightly slimmer throughout the hip and leg compared to Delta and our standard legging style that features double layering in the wetzone only.

PRISM, Bayside and Delta are all knit in the fall of 2016; this batch of garments ended up having a knit that was slightly less compact than normal. The result is that these garments are a bit more delicate. They will shed more fuzz and are a bit more prone pulls. To help combat this, we highly recommend being more careful with avoiding pulls and also tumbling these dry at least 1-2 times on low heat to get them to plump up/tighten a little (they will not lose their stretch but will lose a small amount of sizing-

size chart

Sizes are approximations and will be very close but not always exact (in general allow +/-  0.5″). If a particular product deviates significantly from the size chart it will be noted in the description of the specific product listing.

The age ranges are estimations; every child has different proportions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific sizing questions.

When in doubt use the measurements to gauge fit. We find it useful to compare the measurements to your current favorite garments. * Keep in mind that the garments will lose a bit of sizing after the first 1-2 washes (mostly in inseam length).

Note that the suggested sizing is based on babies that are wearing a fluffy cloth diaper. If you wish to purchase these for a child that wears a trimmer undergarment (sposies, trainers, undies, etc.) then you may want to purchase a size down to get a snugger fit…this works especially well with shorts when inseam is less of a concern.

IMPORTANT: If you have an older/used pair of Yooki it will probably be smaller than your new unwashed garment (in an identical garment size). This is NOT due to an actual sizing difference but rather a property of the knits after repeated washings. Standard garments plump and lose some sizing after the first couple of hand-washings (even when done properly) and machine-washable garments will also plump up and slightly reduce in size if you tumble them dry on medium/low.

Keep in mind that sometimes there are slight variations in the feel and/or sizing of knit wool garments when comparisons are made between colors from the same batch of knits. This is due to the fact that each dye has a different affect on the wool fibers and ultimately the yarn properties (texture, stretchiness, etc.). The result can be a tiny bit of difference in the sizing and hand feel of each color lot. It is not significant but worth mentioning.


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