Wool is natural and breathable, antibacterial and is uniquely both water resistant and absorbent making is the perfect cloth nappy cover to use.

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Adult Loungers

R 1,200.00

Conditioning & Softening

R 171.00R 229.00

Deep Cleaning

R 181.00R 254.00

Deluxe Leggings – MW

R 939.00

Emulsifying Soap

R 95.00R 99.00

Leggings – MW

R 915.00

Maintenance Washing

R 176.00R 240.00


R 788.00

Solid Lanolin

R 180.00R 320.00

Unicorn Wash Sets

R 229.00R 417.00

Wool Leggings Large

R 876.00R 915.00