Step 1
If nappy is just wet - remove inserts (if using a pocket nappy) & place directly in dry bucketIf nappy is soiled (solids) - flush the solids down the toilet, then place nappy in dry bucket.When your baby is older, you will probably need to rinse the overnight nappy immediately when it comes off the bum, before placing it in the dry bucket.Important: Do not soak items containing PUL or elastics!


Step 2
Washing day! Move nappies from dry bucket into your washing machine. Run a cold rinse & spin cycle (or a short wash, depending on your machine) without any detergent to get rid of the urine.


Step 3
Add your detergent - use the recommended amount as per the manufacturer. You can use your regular detergent, just avoid using detergent with added softeners. And don't add softener. Now do a long hot/cold wash (you can safely wash up to 60C) with the detergent.


Step 4
(Optional) Do another rinse & spin cycle. Regular detergents should rinse out in the regular wash cycle, but if you're using a soap-based cleaner (eg homemade Sunlight gel) you will need to add another rinse to make sure everything is rinsed out.


Step 5
Dry your nappies. You can either hang them up outside, on a clotheshorse or tumble dry them. Do not tumble dry PUL items on high though.


Article Source: SACNU Facebook Page