Cloth nappies can be overwhelming

3 years ago when I started using cloth nappies on my eldest, I can honestly say that it was over whelming! Learning all the different types of nappies, the brands, the different fibres, how to wash the nappies, all this information coming to me all at once, it was so overwhelming that I actually stopped researching. A week later, I decided to give it another try, to try and not quit before I even began but remember at this point I was using toweling nappies because we refused to spend money on disposable nappies. I kind of had no choice but to persevere.

After purchasing a few different types of nappies, getting to know the different types and brands and finding out what works for me and my son. It was exciting. Once I started, it took me a few tries to get the fit right and to get to know the washing routine. It was a breeze once I became confident. I was nervous the first time we used cloth nappies when we went out, I was overthinking and panicking, thinking what happens if he makes a poop!

Looking back I cant understand why I made such a big fuss or why it was all so daunting for me but I realize that with learning anything new, be it a hobby or sport, it can be nerve-wrecking but once you have found your groove, you are confident.

So try that nappy on your little one RIGHT NOW or if you quit, give it another try. I am always happy to help new cloth nappy users. Reach out to me or reach out to a friend that is using cloth nappies.

I get that it is daunting but I am here to let you know that it is a completely normal feeling and you are not alone.

Are you ready to start your cloth nappy journey? To help you get started, read our cloth 101 here.