Aqeelah Fatar - Cloth Nappies - Bottoms On

I'm the founder and owner of Bottoms On.

I am a work at home mom to two kids - Mr A is 3 years old and Miss H is 9 months old.

My cloth journey started after Mr A was born, we stocked up on disposable nappies but did not realize we would use so many nappies and before we knew it, the room which was piled up with boxes of disposables, was now empty?

Me, being very frugal, I could not spend another cent on disposables, thinking there has to be another way!

I used towelling nappies for a few weeks until I discovered modern cloth nappies and what an awesome discovery it was.

Bottoms On were born shortly after.

My cloth journey has made me more eco-conscious, I love all things natural from cleaning products to wooden toys. I am passionate about the environment and I aspire to live a zero waste lifestyle.

Bottoms On is my third-day job but definitely my favourite.

My other two jobs are in the construction industry, worlds apart, I know. However, 80% of my day is spent with my kids whom I am currently homeschooling.

I am always eager to help out new cloth moms, get in touch if you are interested in using cloth nappies or would just like to chat! It would be great to hear from you.